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Stop Motion: Alcohol

Short movie as part of a Digital Media Project.

Using sticky notes, I made this short stop-motion clip including myself. It is an introduction made for my next video which I will be using a “Draw My Life” style to complete it. I hope to complete this shortly after my exams as I did not anticipate editing and narrating to take as long as it has.

It’s very short but was quite enjoyable to make with the help of a friend.

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St. Patrick’s Day!

Another excuse to drink copious amounts of alcohol over a bank holiday weekend, but a good one at that.

You won’t know what to expect when it comes to this National holiday as it can either be a total let down or the greatest weekend ever. Since Brian O’Driscoll is playing his last match for Ireland this Saturday, everyone will be out on the town getting hammered. Then you just have to go out on Sunday because Monday is a bank holiday and it would be rude not to go out on St. Patrick’s Day itself, wouldn’t it?

Most students will aim to drink as much as possible this weekend as it’s expected of them. It’s one night which I myself don’t participate in as I find it far too messy. I would prefer throwing all my green clothing on myself, buying a few cans and heading down to the Spanish Arch for the day. Catch a few minutes at the parade, get a little tipsy and meet others around Galway City with the same idea. I wouldn’t like to find myself wandering through Shop Street after midnight this weekend, not even if I was craving a chicken roll from Londis.


Before I went to college, I would celebrate St. Patrick’s Day drinking in the Town Park along with all the other teenagers from around Donegal. It was a great day┬áto get the shift, all the Derry girls would be down for the weekend. So I don’t think I’ve found myself without drink over the last few years, it always gave me that little boost of confidence and seemed to make the day far more enjoyable.

So make plans for this St. Patrick’s Day, buy your drink in advance and make sure to look after yourself and your friends.

It will be messy!

Stay safe this St. Patrick’s weekend!

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Presentation Slides: Effects of drinking too much alcohol on a night out on students.

This morning as part of my Professional Skills module, I carried out a presentation on the effects of drinking too much alcohol on a night out on students.

Here are the slides used in my presentation:

Also, here is a recording of myself presenting on this topic:


Thanks for watching! Feel free to leave feedback in the comments section.

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