Who’s looking after Patrick tonight?

The purpose of this blog is to make students aware of the dangers and effects associated with drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, as part of a Digital Media Project. I am working towards completing a YouTube video on my experiences and my friends’ experiences with alcohol as students. I will be using this blog to update any progress made on the video.

We all have that one friend that drinks a little too much on a night out..

I’ve spent too many nights out not making it into a nightclub or even out of the house because one of my friends couldn’t handle their drink. Whether it’s passing out on the couch, vomiting right before you reach the bathroom (it happens..) or telling the bouncers you haven’t been drinking tonight, it’s not the best of feelings sitting in instead of being out because you’re the designated carer of your friend.

For example: This one night, this one guy called Patrick (see below, middle) decided to get really (and I mean really) drunk in my house. Himself and Owen (see below, right) were playing “The Fifa Drinking Game”. This meant that for every goal scored, they had to down their drink.

Owen 5-0 Patrick

Patrick ended up drinking about a litre of vodka in the space of 15 minutes, resulting in hysterical dancing to the song “A Thousand Miles” followed by throwing up on himself and passing out on the couch. What a mess..


Oh wait, that’s me.

So yeah, welcome to my blog.

I am using stop-motion with sticky notes and a “Draw My Life” style of video to tell my story.

Feel free to leave any feedback in the comments section below! Enjoy!


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